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Where Do You Shop Online?

With the holidays approaching us and online shopping being the easiest form of shopping, I wanted to ask you, what E-commerce sites do you shop at?  What draws you to those specific shops online versus a store?  We all know that shopping online has its benefits because it saves us a lot of time spent running around a store to find things we need.  But one of the hardest parts of being a small business online is differentiating ourselves from an actual brick and mortar.

Some of my time spent during my internship with Brynn is updating our current E-commerce sites, searching new sites we can get recognized on, and really digging in to how you as a consumer chooses to shop online. screenshot-9Daily, we change and update our sites to find new ways to get noticed. For instance, we have been selling our bags on Amazon for about a year under the Amazon Handmade section of their site.  We are consistently updating the price and adding new bags to see what works and what doesn’t.  Getting the exposure on Amazon is huge because they are a well recognized corporation around the world, but the question that has been on our minds is who is really discovering us on there?  How do we stand out from the rest?bcec0e80ba0113a749272dd414fd26ec

Sometimes It’s like a guessing game.  We really don’t have all the answers!  Since working for Brynn, I have also changed my perspective of where I shop and choosing to support small businesses versus larger corporations. With the holidays being the busiest time of year, its important that we stay true to our brand and creating unique ways for our consumers to shop our online store.


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