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WAC Event

Nestled in the heart of Chicago, this was our first private show at the Women’s Athletic Club downtown.  This club was specifically created by ladies, for ladies and is one of the most luxurious places I have ever seen.  From the early 20th century Beaux-Art and Art Deco interior to the stunning ballrooms, there is no detail left untouched.  In all of its beauty, the building was designed around the members needs for small gatherings and a place to enjoy a quite afternoon with friends.

Being as our first time at this event, we were located on the 2nd floor in the cozy knit Library amongst the other vendors who have worked this three day show before.  We were able to get all the details on the guests and what to really expect.

The WAC was hosting a three hour night event for the members on Tuesday that I was able to work with Brynn.  I really enjoyed seeing the elegant service provided by the most pleasant staff and watching all the ladies of the club shop at there favorite vendors!  In the homey Library, we were next to the WAC Spa, J. McLaughlin and a jeweler that was really helpful in bringing the most traffic to our spot.

Working the first event on Tuesday gave us a preview of the type of customers that would be shopping the next two days.  We swapped out some of our bags each day to make sure we were appealing to the right shopper. And that’s where merchandising and working for Brynn comes in handy because when working these events, it is really about showcasing your work to the right customer!  This is something I have truly loved about my internship and being able to work these events, meeting all different types of customers and vendors.

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