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Stepping Out

When I am asked the question of what my favorite brands and designers are, I say the brands that I know and that are mainly familiar to everyone. But after just my first week, I have come to find that there are way more designers out there just waiting to be discovered!

We are doing the Seattle Gift Show this year for the first time, so I started researching boutiques in the Portland and Seattle area. In this process, I discovered that many boutiques only carry a handful of the designers I know and are actually seeking independent designers.

One of the wonderful boutiques in the Washington area is called Crush Footwear. I noticed that they have a very similar style to mine when it comes to their handbags and their shoes! It was crazy to me that not only did I not recognize the majority of the designers, but that their styles were so similar to mine how could I not know of them before?

CrushFinaljpeg.jpgWhen shopping for clothes I don’t believe that we stop and take the time to see what designer we have in our hand, especially if it is not a big named designer, we tend to just buy. In my opinion, I feel most of us only shop for names that we know, mainly because we are familiar with them and their clothing and we want to stay in our comfort zone.

Noticing that there is so much more out there and seeing that independent designers offer just as much as the big name brands, inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and start researching local independent designers in my area and see what I can find that is not only a unique style, but also contributes to the upcoming of independent designers everywhere!

How did I find all of these new and exciting independent designers you may ask? While going through the list of fashion boutiques in those areas, that the wonderful Google presented to me, I looked at the websites “About me” section just to get to know them and how they worked as a boutique. Afterwards I would see if they had a tab for designers, this gives the shopper a list all of the designers that are on their page. If they did not have this tab, I looked at their products and saw who the product was by. It is as simple as that!

Fashion is forever changing and being able to see what other designers are bringing to the fashion world is going to help you keep up with that change! I hope that this inspires you to go out of your comfort zone and see what else is out there!




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