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Chicago to Cali: I’m ready!

I think most of us are asked about a thousand times about what we want to do after we graduate or what our future career goals are.  Starting out at a junior college and taking more classes than I could handle, I changed my mind almost every semester.  It’s hard to think about your future after you just graduated high school.

Since I am a health addict, my original plan was to go into the medical field.  Nursing, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, etc.  But, what I couldn’t get through was the science classes.  I soon realized, it was not my strength!

Right now I’m sure your wondering how I stumbled upon getting into fashion, since it is a far cry from the medical field.  I always had a strong passion for fashion and I absolutely loved styling my friends!  They would come to me for the most trendy and current fashion.  After I was into my fifth year at the junior college, I decided to apply at the Art Institute to pursue fashion.

Now that I am officially a senior and about to graduate this year, I’m ready to start my plans for the future.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of unique and fun jobs in fashion but my obsession grew in Buying.  Knowing that one day, I could be a Buyer for one of the companies I have admired for years was beyond exciting to me.  My dream job would be buying for the e-commerce sites, Nasty Gal or Revolve.  Both companies are located in California, which is already where I am headed after graduation!


I took a trip to Cali back in April and just like Brynn, I fell in love with the laid back coastal vibes from the beaches and popular night life.  And to top it off, the fashion there especially on the streets is completely different than here in Chicago.  I love my city, but I’ve been California dreaming for awhile and I’m ready for this new chapter!


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