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Small Town to Big City

70b1afeb5eb32ad9d3009e9a28e5c49f_1394310976_lWhen you think of expression, what comes to your mind? To me the first word is fashion. Just the idea of being able to express yourself through clothes and accessories is truly amazing.

Growing up in a small town and going to a small private school, fashion was never something that anyone really paid attention to. Why care? We all wore the same uniform and rarely had days where we could dress up in our own clothes.

Wanting to be different, I decided to start dressing up my uniform. My inspiration you may ask? Gossip Girl of course! The uniform was the same as everyone else’s, but it was so different at the same time. From there on out, my interest in fashion went to an all time high.


Being able to do an internship at Brynn Capella is such an amazing opportunity. Traveling to Chicago in order to learn and get actual experience in the fashion world is every fashionista’s dream! Fall fashion is my personal favorite, how could you not love hats, scarfs, oh and don’t forget about the handbags! Dark colors are a fall given, just like the Brynn Capella handbag I am modeling!

Finishing up my first week as an intern, I have already learned so much, such as researching small boutiques, in order to better know the brand of Brynn Capella I had to look at businesses that had similar style. Among the many businesses I got information on, Free People seemed to be in every store! Being inspired by the Boho Chic look, I found myself looking at everything from handbags to clothing! This fall is going to be filled with so many great looks and I can’t wait to share with you what else I find!




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