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Function, Fashion, and Confidence

ab-ad_ppj_v002_page_4While I studied product design, I often worked on projects with people who have disabilities. I began to appreciate how much fashion and apparel influenced both self-confidence, and the efficiency of someone’s day. Working as a design intern at Brynn Capella, Inc. has been one of my first shifts from product design into the fashion industry.

In product design, style can often end up an afterthought to function, however I have found that coming up with an effective mixture of both results in the best solution and the most satisfied customer. Educating myself about new trends and technologies in fashion has allowed me to improve the aesthetic and functional diversity in my own design work (and quite frankly my wardrobe).

A fashionable item is more than a luxury; it is an extension of a person’s identity, and can be a reflection on how they want to be perceived by society or a way to evolve their self-confidence. Regardless of your background or whether you have a disability everyone wants to feel good in their own skin, for this reason, having access to functionally fluid and beautiful products can be a very positive influence on everyday life.

I am very excited to work with Brynn on her designs as her philosophy on fashion and function, and love for high quality design, run so closely to my own.


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