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ffb3c2879f1792a0b937641e15c75c56One of the most sought after jobs in fashion right now is being a Stylist.  Why? Because it’s a pretty awesome job.  But it’s one of the most competitive jobs in fashion too.  It takes a great attention to detail, staying on top of trends and really knowing your customer.  There are many industries that a Stylist can find work in including styling models and celebrities, whether that’s for a fashion show, photo shoot, or event.  Or even in some cases that I was able to experience earlier in the week, being a personal Stylist for customers that are looking for a personal shopper, someone who can help with their wardrobe and put outfits together.

One of the perks of being an intern for Brynn is being able to work with local Stylists. Earlier in the day, Brynn and I looked over Lora’s (Shopping Girl XOXO) previous orders to see what bags her customers absolutely love and are always looking for from Brynn.

Walking into Lora’s place near Uptown in the city, was a really unique experience for me to see how she takes so much time and dedication into setting up her showroom for her customers.  It really looked like you were stepping into your own closet, which to me is exactly how someone should feel when they are working with a Stylist.

After soaking in the scenery of her place, Brynn and Lora went over each handbag style including the Nikki, the Pamela, and her signature bag the Lauren, to make sure that each bag was exactly what Lora’s customers are looking for.  Some of Lora’s customers come in specifically looking for the latest designs and handbags that Brynn has for that season or whats currently trending.

So, being a Stylist does have its benefits.  You get to shop all the time, be your own boss, work with all sorts of local businesses, and have each work day be different from the next.  But, I think the best takeaway I had from this experience and seeing Lora’s stylish showroom, was how personable you have to be and always staying current with trends.  At the end of the day, its about creating that exclusive experience for the customer and really making them feel and look their best!


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