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Anthropologie Fashion Show

Wednesday night rolled around, happy that my last class of the week Apparel studio 2 was finished. Then I got a text from Brynn asking me if I wanted to go to the Anthropologie Fashion Show, I automatically said yes! I was so excited to see what new chic bohemian designs Anthropologie had for us to see.

Thursday came and I went to my Internship, worked on the Fall 2017 collection by going through magazines and ripping out inspirational editorial photos of possible colors and styles for the new collection. Then after a creative day of looking at leathers and styles it was time to go to the Fashion Show. Of course, Brynn and I both chose a bag to wear with our outfits to the show.

I chose an auburn red clutch to go with my all black outfit. When we got there, we where greeted well with beautiful treats, mini dark chocolate cupcakes with gold sprinkles on top, bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil leaves then there was sparkling Champagne to make the experience even more wonderful.

We walk towards the runway where they had set up chairs in the middle of the fashionable Anthropologie store on Chicago Ave, Downtown. On theย chairs laid a little notebook and pencil, where you could write notes or just keep for a souvenir. Before the show started, the stylists came out and introduced themselves and said that the Fashion Show was inspired by 70โ€™s style and romance, jewel tones and more.

Then the music came on and the show started!

The models came down the runway with beautiful prints, velvet dresses, statement coats, embellished embroidery and lots of layering pieces for fall. I really enjoyed the different textures and prints they used in the outfits. After the show was finished, we could go around and shop the new looks. I loved looking at the home accessories and how they style the store.

This fashion show really inspired me on what colors to use in fall. what trends to be looking out for and what the Anthropologie bohemian customer looks for in fashion product.


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