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This weekend was truly a unique experience for me.  I have never worked a festival until this past weekend at the City Made Fest in Andersonville.  Let me tell you, the amount of work that goes into being a local vendor and preparing for it can be quite overwhelming.  A bit nerve racking even to know exactly what you should bring to showcase all of your hard work.

The day before City Made, Brynn and I had went over our check list to make sure we had everything.  Each handbag from every collection to the tents and small fixtures that went on the tables, was a lot to remember.  At times, I was confusing myself on what was what that we needed to bring.  I think the hardest part about getting everything to and from the event was actually loading up the car.  I was getting nervous that everything wouldn’t fit!  But, year after year that Brynn has been doing this show, she has somehow made it all fit.  And we did!

I left early to head downtown the next morning to meet Brynn at the fest and I was hoping that on a Saturday traffic wouldn’t be too bad.  Oh boy was I wrong!  Thank goodness Brynn was able to quickly unload everything before I got there.  Being my first festival, I had no clue what to do or how to put the tent up.  Brynn walked me through step-by-step on setting up the tables and putting the handbags on the displays.  After a few trial and errors, I started to get the hang of it.  It was just hitting 12 o’clock and we were ready to go!

The people were eager to come and see all the local businesses, vendors and designers from all over Chicago. Sunday morning we got a little added bonus and Brynn was interviewed briefly on WGN by Maggie Carlo. We weren’t sure if anyone was up at 7:45am on a Sunday watching, but they were! A woman even drove up from the South side of Chicago to buy a bag she saw on TV. Another knew exactly the one she wanted because it was featured. The power of TV really is a beautiful thing.

I have been to a few fests before but none of them were comparable to the City Made fest.  It’s small but is the best celebration of all the local businesses supporting one another, everything from the food to the beer, and the musicians to the artisans.


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