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Inside Scoop – F16

Some things are just never on time as they should be, especially in small business.  So when production got a little behind, I knew there would be a lot to do in a shorter period of time.

img_6270Brynn and the new design intern, Rachel, arrived with the new Fall collection, I was excited and anxious to get started.  I’m glad I wore my flats that day because we carried boxes beyond boxes of the leather bags from the overstuffed car into the office.  I never realized just how heavy real leather is!

Of course, the plan was to deliver fall orders the next day, so with new bags scattered around us, it was time to get started! Now to remember what each color name was and the style names, so we could get the orders right. Since both Rachel and I are brand new assistants, we teamed up together to divide and conquer the orders for the boutique drop off and got to work.

Prepping each bag with Brynn’s signature tags, care cards and a dust bag with each bag was not as easy of a task as you might think.  Each bag gets at least two tags (a brand tag and a name/style tag), in addition to the care card inside and matching dust bag in the correct size. We even stuff  a few styles in advance, so they are boutique ready. Brynn made sure that every bag looked cohesive with each of the boutiques orders.  Every boutique orders a wide variety of bags and some even mixed with best sellers from Brynn’s previous collections.

The plan was to start the day off nice and early, so we can drop off to all the boutiques in the Chicago area before afternoon traffic. Although everything was supposed to be ready to go, we were still waiting on a few last minutes bags that got delayed.  So with a slight adjustment in the route, we headed to Hazel. Thank goodness we were a little behind too, since we didn’t realize they opened an hour later than we thought. Oops! So it ended up working out perfectly. All the buyers were excited to see us and get the new collection in house.

14191978_10154488139608288_2108681252629416899_nSince we were debuting two new styles, it was really fun to see their reaction. There were a few that didn’t order the new Jenne Foldover clutch, but once we showed them the finished product, I think we’ll have a few more mid-season orders for those!

I really enjoyed going to the boutiques with Brynn and watching how she personalizes each visit.  She knows each buyer personally and most staff members, so it’s fun to see that side of the business.

Although all the boutiques are different, they are similar in style with an assortment of everything.  I’m sure you can imagine how hard it is to resist shopping in each boutique too.

As our day came to an end, I realized how much time and effort goes into a small business and I never pictured what that would be like until I started my internship here with Brynn.


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