Chicago / Interns / Summer

Packing My Bags


As the summer comes to in end, I can’t help but look back and feel nostalgic. I’ve come a long way since the first day, I remember feeling so lost and confused like it was the first day of school all over again. When I think back to the Well’s Street Art Festival in June, I had no idea what colors went to the which collection and how to tell the Lauren and Mini Lauren apart (fyi Lauren has four side rivets and the mini has two on the top where the strap attaches). Now I can differentiate between colors and collections with ease.

Working with Brynn, I have discovered a new found appreciation for handbags. Sometimes I forget why we use handbags in the first place. Sure, they are the perfect accessory to go with your day or night outfit but for functionally, how else are we suppose to carry our phone, wallet, sunglasses, and all our other random essentials. Just like how Brynn creates handbags inspired by her friends individual style and need, I’ve learned that handbags really can be a direct reflection of a someone’s individual style. Now walking to the train each day, I find myself checking out other girl’s handbags to see what type of style or color they like.

Not only have I learned a lot but it didn’t hurt to make a couple of friends along the way. We all may be from different states but interning would not have been the same without having these girls by my side. We all have come a long way from the first intern meeting.

As her merchandising intern, I’ve able to grow and learn more than I ever imagined I would. I worked more personally with her boutiques and e-commerce aspect of her business. This summer internship has been all about her preparing and promoting her fall collection. From the first day here, I assisted with the photoshoot for the fall collection then I helped design and create brochures to send out to boutiques. Now as the last day approaches, we are helping launch her new website and prepare her fall orders for delivery, who else can say they did all this in only 3 months? I definitely can’t wait to have my very own Jenne foldover wristlet.

If anything, Brynn not only reassured me about how passionate I am about fashion but also a clearer view on how much hard work and tenacity it takes to be in this industry. Hard work really does pay off and I see it every day watching Brynn run her business. True to her word from the intern meeting, “you really do get out of the internship what you put into it” and I can say proudly I can take a lot of lessons and experience away from this summer and I can’t wait to use it all in the next chapter of my life!


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