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Time Flies

So it’s my last day and I’m sitting here thinking about all of the opportunities I have had as an intern this summer. I have been exposed to nearly every part of what it takes to become a designer and business owner, it would take a book to summarize all the experiences I have had.

Before coming to Chicago I had a very different viewpoint on the industry. Reading about production and actually seeing production is so different. I now understand how bags are manufactured and what elements you need in order to have a successful production run.IMG_6917

I have learned a lot about where you can purchase materials and what wholesale is all about. I now understand pricing on handbags and my outlook on them and really accessories in general has changed. Before working here I never really thought about the functionality of most of my bags or why bags cost what they do. If I saw a bag that was cute I just checked the price tag and depending on that I would decide if I was willing to purchase it. Now I’ve started to check the details. Are there inside or outside pockets? Is there a zipper or not? Can I remove the straps and convert the bag? What is the actual quality of the leather and lining?

Not only have I seen a difference on the way I look at handbags, but I find myself noticing other peoples handbags. I question why they chose that bag. Was it the different design elements in the way it was sewn? Or maybe the hardware used? I never used to pay much attention to things like that but now I can’t help myself. I’m always looking for inspiration for the tote bag. (Another thing I’ve learned this summer)

I have had a really good experience overall and I’m taking away so much knowledge on how to run a business and be the designer. After this summer I truly understand why people say you have to really love fashion to survive in this industry.



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