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Crossing Our T’s…

… And Dotting Our I’s

Coming into the last few weeks as an intern at Brynn Capella Inc. has been bittersweet. It is so great to see all the hard work and effort put in this summer pay off with these amazing bags coming out of production! It’s sad to think I will be 3+ hours away from our office! I have taken so much from this experience in many different aspects on the business and on a personal level.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.15.59 pm.pngWe are at the point of summer where the new bags are here! The Fall 2016 collection is so great, I can not wait to get my hands on a new bag (neither can my sisters & mom!) The spring samples are almost done as well and this, of course, was the baby I helped with creating. I can not wait to show off these great colors and styles!

As a design intern, I was extremely interested in learning more about the business side of design. A large secret coming out… Brynn is launching a new website any minute now! I have been lucky enough to help create this beautiful new website! I am now more knowledgable going back to school with my business participation here. I have been extremely nervous for a Digital Business class that I have recently been able to override the prerequisites for. After telling Brynn this, she has taught me so many things I will be needing to know for this class. Calming my nerves and expanding my brain!


During these final days we are getting ready to ship out the Fall 16′ bags to the boutiques that have pre-ordered from us. That is figuring out numbers, dates, and dust bags! Even these dusts bags are adorable. A large responsibility of mine is to make sure there is a smooth cross over to the next design intern. I will be meeting with her soon to teach her all my Brynn Capella knowledge! I am so excited to see the beautiful things she will make after us!

Like I said, I can not wait to get my hands on a new bag! Working here over the summer has been so hard not to try on bags all day. I am stuck on which one(s) I want. I still attend Michigan State University, so I am entitled to owning an Ivy League bag (MSU GREEN!) I am thinking the Nikki or Cher to carry my important belongings to tailgates and class. I am one of three sisters, so these past couple of months have been hard helping them figure out which style and color is perfect for each of them. They have picked out too many that they have given me the job to decide for them!

Our mother was given an Angi Oyster Shell for her birthday in July, she loved it so much she has decided it is time for a Lauren bag too! For her, she wants a black bag, so we have weened it down to a Caviar or Shadows of Mystery Lauren bag. Both great versatile black bags, but one has pink lining while one has olive. Decisions, decisions! My mother already has a pink lining Brynn Capella bag, so that is the tough decision now! No matter what one she finally picks, it is going to be a great fit for her!

I can not wait to come back and visit to see how to the company and Brynn are! And of course see the latest colors and styles (;

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