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thGoing through my closet this weekend, getting ready to move into my first apartment, really had me thinking. I learned so much about the industry this summer working as an intern for Brynn, which I already knew, but I actually am applying that into my everyday outlook on life.

I am a clothes hound and have a hard time discarding clothes I once thought were so cute that I couldn’t live without them. But at what point did those go out of style?

I haven’t gone through my clothes since graduating high school and moving out of my parents house. I basically have two closets and could just leave what I didn’t like anymore there and bring with me my new clothes. How perfect is that. Except, now, two years of trends and sizes later… my closet is going to burst.

I figured, what’s the point of keeping all these clothes that I am never going to wear again here? I now have a normal sized closet (thank the lord) and can fit all four seasons in one space!

09fa6617ab6cee4d2f3ac5ece113ff4eSo that’s when I decided it was time for some very late spring cleaning. Going through some stuff was easy. I mostly buy my stuff at cheap fast fashion stores. You know, Forever 21, H&M etc. It wasn’t until I had to start going through my nicer things that I started to have a hard time throwing it in that donate pile. Knowing the time and effort spent to make these clothes makes it so much harder to toss them away.

Before studying design I never would have been like WOW THAT HEM THO. Now most of my jeans, sadly no longer fit. My dresses, also sadly no longer fit. My shoes, are just too worn out to be seen in public. And my purses…. well that is a different story! Now that I have all this new information on how handbags can be turned into clutches and worn this way or that way. I seriously had a hard time saying goodbye to, well, any of my purses. And that’s when it hit me.

f730340c7b1b14efef96314298410e1eThe things I purchase at Forever 21 or H&M seem like a good idea at the time. They’re trendy and cheap so why not? Well, I have come to find that the reason is they are made so poorly that half the time they don’t even make it through the washing machine before they are a complete waist of money.

Handbags are the EXACT same. I have purchased a few bags from Target or Forever 21 in the past but they always break. You can only wear them a few times before the strap literally falls off. And they have next to no hardware making it only minimally functional.

Now bags that are designed to last a lifetime are the bags worth spending money on. I can honestly say that not one of Brynn’s bags would have been put into the giveaway pile this weekend. And that’s because of the bags quality, functionality, and style.

And what’s even better, IT IS NEVER GOING TO BE TOO SMALL! All of Brynn’s bags are designed to fit literally everything and anything. I saw it for myself. She takes into account everything. Even sunglasses cases. And good thing too, cause I’ll be rockin a Golden Sand Nikki at all the football tailgates this fall!clothesdrive_imgerotat


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