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Instagram Favs

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms of today. It has become more than just about sharing pictures of your latest social events to your followers. It’s become a platform for people to discover, to network and to simply enjoy, both on a personal level and for branding a business.

This summer, I have been helping Brynn with all of her lifestyle marketing efforts. One of the first things she went over is how important it is on Instagram to connect on four basic levels: Community, Education, Behind The Scenes, and Inspiration.

I feel Instagram is the best platform to do that. I like being able to connect with our customers in a way that feels more personal and intimate than traditional advertising.   It’s also a way for everyone to discover different companies and their products. There are millions of pages you can follow and you have the choice to customize your feed.

I have come up with a list of my personal favorite instagram accounts and why I like them, listed below. But whether it a local boutique or a big brand, I find all of these accounts use images I find inspiring.

Spare Parts Chicago

Spare Parts is a boutique located in the Chicago area. I am inspired because it is community-based, which is something that is important to me and many other instagram followers. They always tag the designers of the products which is helpful, because if you like the products you can click through to the account tagged. This allows you to learn more about the products and company.


I am obsessed with everything they  sell and I love the visual quality of their page layout. I love how their pictures go together and every picture has a color theme. Their images tap into many of my senses. There are many accounts out there like this that are very visually appealing like Target, Wholefoods, General Mills, and Who What Wear. Having a visually appealing page is important because it is what keeps your audience scrolling and clicking the follow button.


It is so informational. They provide recipes, health tips, quotes, workouts, and even style tips for their followers to learn and try. Having an instagram that provides knowledge or education is key, because it gives followers an incentive and reason to follow you and interact with your company.

And then of course, there is our page. Our team really tries to be community driven, inspire others, educate and give a behind the scenes peek into our American-made brand. We want to make sure our followers are able to see and discover every aspect of the Brynn Capella lifestyle. We accomplish this by teaching about american-made products, caring for your products and providing style tips. We also help connect our followers by highlighting boutiques, and local events that we are involved in. Connecting our followers with our team, the creation of the bags and providing insight of new products coming out helps us to connect with and inspire our customers.


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