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Looking at smaller businesses, I don’t think people understand how involved each team member is within the company. Like the involvement at Brynn Capella Inc. each end of our growth is very personal and heartfelt.

13898600_10207293811368892_645722846_oCHICAGO HANDBAGS!

As a small growing company based in Chicago, it is fun to see and be part of the day-to-day operation from social media marketing to production. It is a team effort: from the interns to our craftsman. If there are any ifs, ands, or butts during production, we are there to create a solution for the problem.

Each intern has fallen in love with the product and company. Our interns are gaining extremely helpful knowledge and skills that will matter in many different aspects of life. This is happening because they are so involved in all the processes.

DUST BAGS!  13682004_10207294412743926_1553488393_o

Each bag, shipped out, is carefully examined and put into a dust bag that is made uniquely for that style. Our dust bags are handmade in the office because we want to make sure it matches the lining of the bag and they are made to perfection.

Hopefully our handbags are used all the time but when you are switching to a different Brynn Capella bag, make sure you put them in their personal dust bag! It keeps them clean and scratch free!

If you ever call the office, sometimes Brynn herself will answer and advise any questions because our business is so personal! She wants to make sure each customer is heard correctly. She knows the answer to any question about her bags; from the leather, care, hardware, and prices! She really enjoys the one-on-one relationship she has with her customers.

The office is surrounded by so many fun actives and positive mind sets. Sometimes us interns take a break from what we were doing to go have a fun photoshoot! It is hard to be in the office without trying on different styles and colors! Brynn Capella Inc. is a great company to work with and creates even better handbags!


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