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Music Festival Musts


If you’ve ever been to any music festival, you know how crazy it can get. So with Lolla here, it couldn’t hurt to freshen up on how to get music festival ready.

Step one is looking at the weather so you can plan ahead. From what I remember, it’s usually really really hot or it’s raining. So planning the perfect outfit complemented by just the right accessories can be tricky if you don’t know what to expect. Whether you are enjoying Lolla this week or another music festival this year, it is easy to look the part, be comfortable and get ready to start rocking out.

1) The outfit

With the recent hot weather, it is important to not only pick something that will get you noticed but also something that is comfortable and functional. Music festivals are the perfect time to find your inner Hippie and let it flow in a boho dress or ripped jean shorts with a super cool graphic tee. Another option is to wear pattern genie pants and the latest off the shoulder blouse. The key is comfort, because you can’t dance if you are constantly readjusting your clothes.

2) Accessories

ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE! Give your festival style an edge with some fun boho accessories. Layering long necklaces, with cute chokers is a simple way to kill it in the accessory game. Keep the layering look going by wearing stacked beaded bracelets. The key is too layer just enough to avoid having the jewelry over power your outfit. Stick to 3 to 5 of any accessory when layering.

If you are not a big jewelry fan or want to try something different, then try the henna temporary body art tattoos. Henna tattoos are very easy to apply and you don’t have to worry about dangling jewelry all day!

Finally the most important accessory, your bag! Wearing a shoulder bag is a major no no, not being able to be hands free at a music festival is not fun.  You also don’t want to be the girl knocking every around you with your big shoulder bag! To make sure your hands are free to wave to the music, try either a medium-small crossbody or a cute trendy belt bag (did you know you can turn you Nikki into a belt bag?! …you’re welcome). Both options will keep your stuff secure and still be hands free. If you are worried about rain or need more space you may want to consider a back pack. The key is selecting the right size and of course one that will not take away from your Bohemian style. The Mini-Lauren is a perfect option!

3) Things to remember

Being caught up in the excitement and energy and vibes of the music festival is great but a few key things are important in order to make sure you can keep going all weekend. The most important water! Make sure you are drinking a ton of water, even if you are mixing in a bottle of water with your other drinks throughout the day make sure you keep hydrated. The second most important thing not to forget is your sunscreen. Sunburn is not a good accessory! Another tip that might be tough in our selfie obsessed world, try to put your phone away and just feel the music. Enjoy the  moment with your friends and the random stranger your are singing the lyrics to a Disclosure song. Taking some pictures here and there is cool, but I promise if you get off that phone you will not regret it.



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