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Are Belt-Bags here to stay?

Fanny Pack —-> Belt Bag

When I think of fanny packs, I think of the goofy 80’s bags. But if you look at any fashion magazine or go to any music festival, it’s easy to see the popularity of belt bags are coming back! Of course, moving forward with the style, we venture far away from the “fanny pack” to a stylish “belt bag.” From fashion to function, these bags are so cute with any outfit! Belt Bags could be next for Brynn Capella Inc.!

13717931_10207198021094195_1882239740_oAs a design intern, we forecast and search for new popular styles. Our new tote bag design is so solid because it has always had strong stance in the fashion world. We love our belt bag idea but want to make sure our styles will be popular now and in the future. When I was given the belt bag to research, I had an advantage of owning multiple!

A large market for these bags are people going to festivals! The multiple belt bags, I own, I use quite a lot. I bought them for festival use but found myself using them in my daily life. They are stylish, functional, and safe while I’m out and about.

We see their popularity is growing again, but how long are they going to stay this time!?!? 

Belt bags have been seen in high fashion runway shows


and on highly known celebrities

I know it seems simple, its just a bag around your waist but there is a lot more we need to think about nowadays. With a belt bag, it needs to hold the things we think are “important,” not be too big, be multi functional, and most importantly stylish. Every size cell phone needs to be able to be secured within the bag. There should be enough room for sunglasses, cash, and if we want any hidden pockets or zippers.

As you may already know, our Mini Lauren can be used as a belt bag, but we want to make our own official “fanny pack.” Moving forward with this style, we are finalizing our design and starting to make samples.

Will our trend be around for much longer? Please let us know what you think!


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