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Putting It All Together

Production for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 sample bags is coming along well and now that we aren’t stressing about ordering materials, we have time to brainstorm ideas for announcing our Spring collection. At the beginning of each season we shuffle through magazines looking at past years and current years to come up with some kind of an inspiration board, also called a mood board. The mood board sets the “mood” the designer wants you to feel when looking at their collection.

We came up with our mood board for Spring 2017 and the colors we pulled from that became the colors we used to make sample bags. The next step to announcing the collection is to come up with an overall theme. Basically we already have been inspired and we’ve taken inspiration from a variety of magazine shoots and other photographs but we need to find a way to group together our ideas and make it clear to our consumers.

In the past, we already have used several themes such as Island Girl, Bohemian Rhapsody, Under the Boardwalk etc. that could really work for our color scheme but we try to mix it up each season so the collections don’t mush into the same thing.

So far we have come up with an assortment of different ideas. We started with drawing inspiration from the colorful buildings in Havana and then ventured to picnicking in a blossoming garden. Brainstorming can lead you from one idea to the other so there’s no right or wrong when coming up with ideas. Cocktails at brunch and underwater snorkeling are even candidates to a potential theme idea.


The interesting thing about each collection is that in the end, the final collection name is actually a song title (i.e. London Calling, Bohemian Rhapsody, Born to be Wild).  Before today, I honestly had no idea, but it all makes since now that I know. Brynn has always had a love for music and this is a way she combines her design career to her music industry past.

It will be interesting to see what we come up with in the next few weeks in regards to a theme, but for now we will just keep researching different places around the world and eventually work our way into coming up with a song title that will be captivating to our consumers and marketing team!


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