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The day has finally come: PRODUCTION DAY!

All of our hard work (Brynn, the spring design intern, and us current interns) 

is finally coming together to create some amazing bags this season.


Before the holiday weekend, Brynn & I met with our manufacturing team to finalize the 2016 Fall Collection. The process is not easy when it comes to production. Every inch of leather to every tiny rivet is accounted for. These bags are made with so much love, we arrange everything 110% before production! All of the raw materials are examined and counted. We intensely prepare for any bumps in the road and strive to reduce risks. Together we try our hardest to make production run as smooth as possible.

This whole summer interning at Brynn Capella Inc. I have been getting ready for this moment.

Even though I was not involved with the 2016 Fall collection until this summer, I consider it a baby of mine. It is extremely exciting taking our next step in the lifecycle of producing handbags. Our job throughout production is making sure our team is equipped and on time. As one of the design interns, I have been ordering materials and overviewing our stock all summer for this production. To reduce any risks or delays, it is important to stay organized: from time management to the hardware shelves.

Communication is KEY! key-clipart-golden-key

We had some minor changes to the current styles that needed to be consulted. We make sure the whole team is aware of these changes and the reasons for any change. The crew depends on communication; all ends of the production process are crucial. Each bag is consulted and noted to secure the correct production! Every color leather has a certain lining and zipper that has been thoughtfully picked out. There are production sheets (cheat sheets) given for team members with any confusion on colors or sizes!

ALSO we have the new styles launching this fall! After finalizing these new bags, it is so thrilling to see the outcome. We are all very eager for this next season of bags.


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