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What to Wear: Daytime Denim

It’s perfect, especiallyย when you can’t decide what to wear.

I’m not sure who invented denim, but I am so glad they did! When I was younger, I’d shop the thrift stores for used men’s Levi’s. I liked the low rise, the broken-in feel and of course the comfort. I still love all of those things, but now I am a little bit more modern about it? If that’s even the right word.

Either way, denim is for everyday, all year long. Besides being so comfortable, it simply goes with every color under the sun. But I love to pair it with brown neutrals and a pop of color, especially turquoise. Tortoise Shell earrings give it the extra touch. Lace-up flats and a wristlet get you through the day and evening.

So when in doubt, throw on some denim and make any outfit, good to go.

What to Wear: Daytime Denim

Alice Olivia tie shirt

Steve Madden sandals

Sand Dunes

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