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Well if it isn’t Art Festival season


The 2016 Wells Street Art Festival was so much fun to attend!

I have been to many art fairs in my life but I have never worked within a booth. I had to refrain myself from shopping the whole time! It was great to talk and introduce Brynn Capella Handbags to new people.

Design -> Sales

From a design aspect, it was interesting to help and watch people find their perfect handbag. The art festival created a better understanding for each bag and I learned so much about the importance of function within fashion. Every customer has different incentives when it comes to purchasing a handbag: size, color, shape, function, price and appeal! Heading back to design with this input and knowledge, helps me discover the balance between function, fashion and perceived value for new styles.




The weather played a huge part in the Art Festival this year! Saturday was extremely hot but didn’t stop people from attending. We made it through the day with a refreshing breeze and lots of liquids (the beer tent was close). Sunday we saw fewer people but the weather was much more reasonable. Very interesting! Moving to Chicago I never connected the Windy City to us holding down merchandise from flying away!

After all I had a blast!

The Wells Street Art Festival was a perfect place to create new connections and grow as a company!


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