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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Whether it’s a father, grandfather, uncle, or just a fatherly figure, with Sunday right around the corner, it’s that time to get the special man in your life a gift to show your appreciation for everything he does. With that being said sometimes giving a gift for a guy can seem tough, which is why I am giving you a handful of ideas to get him for father days.

firestickTech-savvy dads:

He loves everything new and upcoming in the technology world, get him an Amazon Fire TV Stick. This stick has it  all, you can access major apps like ESPN and Pandora, you can watch Netflix and Hulu, you can watch live TV, and enjoy many greater features that he will love. This gift is a great buy and is on the more affordable side of most tech-based gifts. You can find this awesome Amazon Fire Stick here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 11.06.49 PMSports Fanatics:

Of course he lives and breathes for his favorite team. These NFL Pottery Barn glasses are great for any guy who loves sports. Get him a glass with his favorite team logo on it. You can also get it personalized with his name on it as well. It’ll be a gift he’ll not only use all the time but have forever.

You can find this fun glassware here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 11.19.49 PMActive on-the-go guy:

A Fitbit is a perfect gift for any guy who is constantly going and loves being active. There are many Fitbit products to choose from that are great, from being able to track your daily steps and sleep habits, to wireless syncing with your smartphone, and even tracking calories that you burn. This water-resistant bracelet is a perfect pair for a fun go-getting guy. With all the different products and types of Fitbits that are offered finding the one for him will be easy. Just click here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.59.17 PMHip trendy guy:

What better gift for him than the gift of smelling great. Cologne is a great option for the always on-style guy who appreciates the importance of appearance and always looking (and smelling) sharp. Find a nice great cologne is east too, you can pretty much find cologne at any males clothing store, department store, and even a superstore. There are so many options of great smelling colognes out there to choose from, make his day by giving him the gift of one. You can find the cologne pictured and many more here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.54.03 PMHandyman:

Any kind of outdoor tool is perfect for him. With it being summer getting him a tool to help him around the house or yard is a perfect way to his heart. Going to a great super store like Target, you can find a handful of great outdoor tools, with a reasonable price range, like this outdoor trimmer pictured. Giving him a tool that’ll keep him busy and feeling equipped and handy couldn’t be any more perfect.

You can find a variety of outdoor tools here.

Finally, my last gift idea is for any man in your life. A classic gift, that last forever and is an accustomed to any type of guy. These brand new mini-wallets called The Daye, from Brynn Capella are a great quality gift that any guy will appreciate. Every guy carries around a wallet, so what better way to give him the gift of a simple, well-made, everyday wallet. These wallets were just released by Brynn Capella and are exclusively sold on her Etsy page. The Daye wallets come in many different color options.

Hopefully these gift ideas helped and inspired you. Whether you choose one of these ideas or something of your own, make sure you show appreciation for that man in your life for everything he does.


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