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Well’s Street Art Festival

The day is finally here; I’ve been excited to work the Well’s Street Art Festival since I’ve started working for Brynn Capella. Chicago is known for there amazing street festivals and I have been looking forward to not only visiting one but also working one too.

wells street

All day yesterday, the other interns and I have been working with Brynn to prepare as much as possible for this event. As Brynn Capella’s merchandising intern, one of my main jobs is overseeing any event by making sure everything goes smoothly and assisting Brynn with anything she needs. There is more than you would think that goes in to planning and setting up for these types of event. It takes time planning, organizing and strategizing what handbags will be featured at the event and which bags will be brought to sell.

I have had the privilege to work one-on-one with Brynn to decide on how everything should be set up and where each item will be placed. Prepping for this event has helped me get more familiar with each of her handbag collections and a better understanding on how Brynn runs her business. One of things that I love  about public events like art festivals is the opportunity to socialize and but also to spread the word on how amazing the handbags Brynn creates are. I hope everyone loves them just as much as we do.

So if you’re at the festival today, feel free to come find our booth and meet Brynn personally while checking out her beautiful handbags!


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