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Business Behind Design

13393261_10206924119086816_1537266672_nBeing one of Brynn Capella Inc.’s new design interns, I never realized how much business is behind the designing aspect of a company.

When getting ready for the making of samples and the next season, you have to be ready for anything! Sometimes it takes 2 days and sometimes 6 weeks for raw materials to be available. We are constantly changing our daily projects to meet our deadlines! It is amazing how much goes into each handbag.

The process for each bag is extensive and earnest.

We are regularly checking our inventory and contacting hardware companies to assure our production outcome meets our deadlines. We have started to predict our numbers for the upcoming Fall 2016 handbag collection! It is interesting to compare sales for each style and color from previous seasons and wholesale orders. That is how we decide how many of each style we will make for the upcoming season. The color you absolutely love may not be the customers favorite and vice-versa! Sometimes you still have to go with your gut instincts.

We have counted our hardware inventory, so we can finalize our orders for the next production run. Of course, there’s another excel spreadsheet for that, which includes lots of formulas and historical data. We multiply the number of hardware pieces each bag needs times how many we will produce.

Sounds simple, but can be overwhelming.

It is a long and complex process one would never expect in design! We break down each operation to reduce the possibility of mistakes or mishap. I am now a pro in excel!!! It is exciting as we go into production, we see all the behind the scene work to create these beautiful bags!

Looking forward to a great season!



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