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Inspired by Everyday Life

I recently started as the Lifestyle Marketing Intern for Brynn. I was very excited to help manage her social media and plenty of other tasks.  Using social media for a company is similar to using social media to create your own brand. We are all creating our own personal brand every day without even thinking about it. The messages and the images we share of the things we do, the things that inspire us and the people in our lives all build our personal story. Our personal brand. The same is true for a company. My first day, Brynn and I talked about creating images of the handbags and wallets that would connect with our followers and represent the Brynn Capella brand and lifestyle.IMG_5619

To create something that connects with Brynn’s audience and that represents the Brynn Capella brand I first had to connect with my surroundings and find inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere and the best inspiration comes from every day things. On my first day I was given the task of creating Instagram posts and Tweets for the four-day memorial weekend. Figuring out Sundays Instagram post, really stood out to me. I decided to use Sunday as the inspiration. I began to think about what Sunday means and how it feels. The last day of the weekend and often the most relaxing day of the week. Based on that feeling and looking at different pictures, we created an image of a coffee cup on a table with the Nikki clutch. The inspiration behind this was the start of a new week; the idea of an easy Sunday morning sipping coffee and feeling prepared for the week. The idea that I can relax because my Nikki Clutch holds everything I need and provides effortless style to whatever I am wearing.

IMG_5637Inspiration can also come from patterns found in unrelated items. For example, the image of the different colored Nikki Clutches in a spiral shape, was inspired by napkins. Brynn saw a picture in a magazine of napkins in the spiral shape and decided that would be a perfect way to show off the different colors of the Nikki Clutch. Showing the colors through the pattern helps to showcase the clutch as the piece of art that it is. These are two example how you can be inspired by everyday life. I can’t wait to see where our next inspiration comes from.


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