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A Colorful Weekend

The “One of A Kind Show” was truly one of a kind. Not only was it spectacular but a big success. I was glad to have been there for the full 3 days. The show was a wonderful customer interaction experience for me. Again, art shows and shopping events like this, you get to interact differently with customers more than you do in a typical retail environment at the mall.
IMG_5630Approaching customers genuinely is very important to Brynn. She made it her business to address every customer that came to our booth and greeted them with a heartfelt smile. Any questions they may have had about the leather, manufacturing or design of the handbags she answered.

It’s that sort of honest transparency and product knowledge, I feel ordinary corporate businesses are lacking that small businesses typically fulfill and excel at.  It was fun to witness the customer’s excitement for the bags especially frequent and returning customers. They brought a lot of love and good energy to the booth.

I do believe the way we visually merchandised everything had a great deal to do with our success. Every bag was strategically placed so that it would be pleasing to the eye. You don’t want things to look cluttered; just clean and organized. As the inventory depletes, you have to pull out replacements to display so that it doesn’t appear empty.  I got to play with the placement of bags myself.

While doing this, you have to think about where bags should be placed that makes sense. At one point Brynn wanted to pull out her ‘A Starry Night’ Collection with some cool metallic snakeskin Heather clutches and gave me the job of placing them. I paired them with the Angi’s seeing as their colors coordinated and their shape presented a nice contrast.


This was the “One of a Kind Show’s” first spring show. Brynn was excited to finally get to display more color as opposed to the typical darker colored fall bags during the holiday “One of a Kind Show”. Color definitely catches people’s eyes no matter what season it is and it proved to be our best sellers!

Screenshot_2016-05-13-12-31-26 - CopyDoing this show with Brynn has made me even more excited about my own event for my brand Agapé Élan. Brynn will be in a few other events this year like the Wells Street Art Festival June 11-12th, for the first time and of course the Holiday One of a Kind Show in December.

I’ll be spreading the word seeing as I am now officially a new owner of a Brynn Capella Bag and proud to be. I’m definitely marking those on my calendar to shop, as well as, check them out for my own business and networking. It’s functions like those that can truly help small businesses get the exposure needed to reach a larger audience and grow.

Eventually I would like to be a part of events based in the Chicago area such as Handmade Chicago (May 14th-15th 2016) to broaden my horizons as an emerging designer. I am very grateful to have spent time with Brynn and learning from her. She has truly been a big inspiration for me. I’ll continue to make big strides in this business with the knowledge Brynn has passed down to me at my disposal.

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