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Photoshoot Prep

Sounds glamorous right? Well, it probably is one of the more glamorous things someone in fashion can do. But let me tell you it is not easy. It requires a lot of planning ahead of time.

The first thing I’ve had to do is start filing through and pulling out images I like and throwing away or pushing aside those that I don’t. We have a binder that the past interns have also contributed to of poses that have worked in the past or that could work for this shoot. That’s probably the smallest part of it.

IMG_6662The part that I’ve loved the most (so far) is shopping for the clothes. When you’re able to buy a ton of clothes, it’s almost as if you can imagine they’re for you. But again, this was no easy task. We brought our Daye mini-wallets in the new fall colors to make sure we were buying the right things. We like have a nice mix of clothing; pants, jeans, skirts, shirts, and dresses. Maybe even the occasional romper, if we’re lucky!  On top of all of this, things need to be interchangeable so that models aren’t having to change into 30 completely different outfits.

IMG_5656Since we bought most of the clothes, we’ve been working on laying everything out and looking at what works well with what bag and which outfit. After we have what we, for the most part, think will work (you never know about those last minute switches) then it’s time to start dressing the mannequin. We take pictures of all of the outfits and then eventually organize those images in order of what’s going to be worn when. Each model will have a binder of her looks and inspiration so we, as assistants, can make sure everything runs smoothly from outfit to outfit, and nothing gets missed.

By now you probably get the gist of how much organizing and planning goes into a lifestyle photoshoot for one season. Overall, this has been the one thing that I’ve been looking forward to all semester and now it’s this weekend! Crazy how fast time flies by when you’re learning so much.


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