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What to Wear: Mother’s Day Lunch

Even your Mom will be impressed.

You picked out the restaurant and bought her gift. Now it’s time to decide what to wear. I wanted to pick out an outfit you could wear whether you are in your 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s. This outfit also works even if it’s you everyone is celebrating!

I’m thinking fun prints and classic cuts—plus timeless accessories—to ensure a fashion-forward (but still family-appropriate) ensemble.  You can add a little flair to your look this Mother’s Day with this adorable fringe dress (best part is it doesn’t look too trendy). Just make sure it’s something colorful and comfortable, but nothing low-cut, it is Mother’s Day.

To complete the look, pair with stand out sandals and a soft slouchy cross body bag to keep the look casual. These sandals are funky with the big heel, but the wooden base, ankle strap, stone white color and peak-a-boo toe make them classic. Then not only does this grey bag match perfectly, the tan zippers and fuchsia lining adds the perfect touch to feel fresh and fun.

Mother approved.

What to Wear: Mother's Day Lunch

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