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Baseball Chic

Whenever I think of the spring to summer transition, the first thing that comes to mind is baseball. My family is obsessed with it. My father played in college and I played on my high school’s softball team. My brother and I argue about Bryce Harper. Baseball is on the television 24/7 between April and October. It’s our “thing.”

It should be no surprise, then, that going to baseball games is one of my favorite pastimes this time of year. Yet dressing appropriately can be tricky. You obviously want to look cute.  You don’t want a bag that’s too large and bulky to comfortably carry for long periods of time, but you still want to fit your stuff! A wallet, ticket, sunglasses, and sunscreen won’t fit into a tiny clutch. (I personally love the Nikki for this.)

My home team is the Washington Nationals, and although I’m not in the habit of painting my face red, white and blue like other, more outlandish fans, I do like to show my pride in other ways, like with the my handbag! One of my favorite crossbody bags is red- and that’s the bag I always bring to games. That way, regardless of whether or not I’m wearing a jersey, I can show support. I can stay chic even while yelling at the umpire.

On another note, even though Brynn and I are from different coasts, we both live in and love Chicago. Yet it can be frustrating going to outdoor sporting events because weather can be so random – cold one minute, windy the next, then burning hot. For this reason, I sometimes like to bring a bag that is a little larger to carry a scarf or sweater. That way I can have weather provisions if I need them, but I can still keep my hands free.

But regardless of whether or not you like baseball, I think it’s fun to play up outfits for sporting events. Even if you don’t want to break out your best shoes, classing your outfit with a quality handbag can make all the difference.


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