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A Personal Touch

Out of all the things I’ve learned thus far, I’m ready to experience the next step. I have yet to learn about the process of preparing for a artist shopping event as well as undergo the affair itself. We are participating in a BIG show featuring 300 artisans from all over called the Spring One of a Kind Show and Sale Chicago (April 29th- May 1st) and I am very excited for it.OOAK2016-Spring-WebBanner-160x600-v1

I’m most excited about the show because I have a show of my own coming up at the Metro Chicago. I’m anxious to get the chance to observe how Brynn interacts with her customers. At art shows and shopping events, like this, the interaction with customers is different than a typical retail environment at the mall. I know stores try to create a personalized touch to the way they sell their products, however, at these shows I feel it’s a more genuine personal touch.

I’ve always been interested in doing events for my own brand. Brynn says that once you start getting doing shows as a small business you have to do it continuously. Participating in these events gives Brynn the exposure she needs to reach a larger audience.

Big corporations always seem to be putting on a show, marketing to you, trying to persuade you to buy more. However, retailers like H&M and brand name companies do a great job of featuring their designers. It’s possible people feel more connected to such companies because in a way their marketing techniques are similar to that of events like the One of a Kind Show, putting artists in the limelight.

Although we are primarily an online store, we also sell to various boutiques throughout the United States. Being able to interact with customers on such a personal level at events enables Brynn to really get to know her customers from their likes to their many suggestions. Many come by to show off their previous purchases and how much they are still loving their bag. It’s almost like one big focus group.

I have hopes of following this same business plan, starting my own online store.  Understanding how she goes about gathering this insight will be a very valuable discovery for me.

Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but based off of watching Brynn and speaking from personal experience as a designer myself, I know these artist that are in these shows have put so much love and care into what they have created. This is often why people come to events like the One of a Kind Show. They are purchasing directly from the artist and have an appreciation for what it takes to cultivate these various beautiful creations. I simply can’t wait!


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