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Trends Are All About Perspective

When I began applying to graphics internships in January, I did not think that I would be working for a small, Chicago based handbag designer. After all, my only goal was to gain experience in graphics, not gain a fashion degree. Yet as we transition into spring and talk of trends begins again, I have seen that small businesses have a unique perspective which I have learned to truly appreciate and love.5-Spring-2016-Fashion-Trends-We-Love-2

Everyone loves trends. We’ve all seen the ads and might have even watched a fashion show or two. But they are called trends for a reason- they’re only ‘trending’ for a moment and then they’re gone! There are a few that never go away (florals in spring, layering in fall, nautical in the summer) but, for the most part, trends are fleeting.

Knowing this, one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed working for Brynn is because small businesses have the (fun) challenge of differentiating their bags from both each other and larger brands.

We are currently in the process of updating Brynn’s website and in visiting the sites of other handbag designers I’ve noticed that every designer has their own distinct silhouettes that distinguishes them from other companies, both large and small. (Below are a few of Brynn’s classics, in some of my favorite colors). Yet keeping with trends is not the small handbag designer’s focus. You can find work in graphics in just about in any business, for we do live in a technological age, but the small business’ dedication to individualism and creating its own distinct ‘trends’ is definitely something you can’t find anywhere else.


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