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What to Wear: Festival Attire

There’s a right way and a wrong way…

…to dress at a festival like Coachella, Bonaroo or Lollapalooza. Please don’t be a “fashion don’t” this year, no matter how tempting it may be, especially if you are in your 20’s.

Everyone knows the key at any all day festival is comfort and of course style. When I say style I don’t mean what everyone else is wearing or calling “festival” attire nowadays. Yes it’s hot, but it’s not the beach, so don’t wear something that resembles a bathing suit. It’s also not the 60’s and you are not a love child.  Okay fine, feel free to incorporate a little of that if you must.

But I think this shorts jumpsuit is perfect, so cute and stylish but also easy to wear when you are running around a crowded festival, standing and sitting all day. Simple accessories are a necessity, like a crossbody hobo bag (avoid fringe here or you’ll look like everyone else), wrap sandals (look great but might not work for all day, unless you have VIP access), cool sunglasses, a fedora and jewelry that gives you a glow, will help you be stylish without looking like you tried too hard.

Maybe you’ll start a new trend…being yourself.

What to Wear: Spring Festivals

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