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What makes a handbag?

2016-03-29 13.48.54It can be hard to stand out as a handbag designer. Not only is everyone making handbags nowadays, but the majority of handbags in the retail market look the same. Every now and then handbag designers come up with distinct elements to add to their designs creating a signature for their brand. The idea is to never go over board. For us, it’s pretty important to maintain some sort of a classic look to our designs making sure it isn’t too trendy or so unique it’s unsellable.

We aim to maintain a classic look in every design making each handbag timeless for years to come. In order to stand out from the crowd, Brynn has chosen convenient functionality and versatility to be her line’s signature in addition to gorgeous leather that gets softer and better with age.

Take Brynn’s most popular and signature handbag, the Lauren for example: This is a crossbody fold-over bag that can be worn in multiple ways, even as a clutch or backpack! In my opinion, any classic looking bag being made from quality leather, has durability, and with versatile wearing properties makes it worth every penny.

Personally, I have my eye on the Golden Sand Lauren Crossbody. The color is amazing, complimenting me in every way. The design is classic enabling me to wear it with so many different looks. Plus I can switch up HOW I wear it; whatever is most convenient for the day’s agenda.

Sometimes Brynn gets feedback at events indicating some would like to see more trend like design elements. I’ve never liked the idea of following trends which may seem odd as a fashion designer, but I’ve always been more partial to pieces that present some sort of uniqueness.

The problem with trends is they are typically in one day and then out the next. Some eventually make it to classic status, the trick is figuring out which ones will last (i.e. leopard used to be a trend.) Just because you have it on doesn’t mean your look is better than anyone else’s. It reminds me of something Brynn once said to me:

Anybody can buy fashion but you can’t buy style.”

Their’s nothing wrong with trendy designs. There’s obviously a huge demand for trendy products. Although, this could bring in all sorts of new clientele. Brynn still wants to stay true to her classic design look.  Therefore, choosing what trend to incorporate must be decided carefully.

Brynn is always working on new designs, but it takes a lot of work, planning and money to actually launch a new design. From starting with the sketches to making the first prototype to the high costs of steel dies (which are like patterns for leather handbags).
Brynn sketches

For some of our new upcoming designs, we’ve decided to experiment with fringe and Vegan leather. This is a current trend inspired by various styles such as bohemian, tribal, flapper-inspired and Western looks. Fringe is often seen on crossbody bags in the current handbag market. The question is how to incorporate it without being completely mainstream. We’ve come up with a few ideas that could potentially make our current target audience happy as well as attract new consumers to the brand. Personally, I can’t wait to see it come to life!


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