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Appreciating the Story Behind the Bag

Ever since coming to Brynn Capella Inc. I have a completely different approach to fashion. No longer do I ignore handbags on the CTA. I now mentally note stitching and design and overall quality of pieces that, a month ago, I would have passed by without a glance.

Damen Blue Line 'L' stop on October 15, 2014. ( Lenny Gilmore / RedEye )I’m typically rushing from place to place, overlooking any and everything not related to my desired location. But working directly with handbags makes you hyper-aware of the sheer variety of handbags there are. It’s safe to say that a single month can make a BIG difference.

Shopping is fun, so it’s easy to forget that every item you buy has a story. Working in Brynn’s office has exposed me to the amount of work it takes to produce the handbags people casually walk around with.

The design process is long and intricate. Someone made deliberate decisions as to what the color would be and what kind of zippers, pockets, linings would make the most sense for this particular product. There were deliberations about identifying the product’s target demographic and how to properly market it to that demographic. Buying anything, particularly fashion items, is much more than seeing it, liking it and swiping a credit card. It is this process behind the product that I have come to appreciate.

Chicago-L1Now as I pass time on the train, I observe the fashions of the people around me, especially their handbags. I ask myself questions. Is this a quality bag? If so, how can I tell? And if not, what positive qualities does the bag have that, for the woman carrying it, compensate for quality? I pay attention to a bag’s overall design coherence. I note which bags trend with different kinds of women and wonder if this trend is purposeful on the designer or company’s part.

I try to remember that handbags are much more than leather sewn together. They are consumer goods that we are able to buy because of a team of people’s hard work.

Which is all the more reason to love them!


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