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Celebrity Bag Swap

Ever see pictures of a celebrity out and about and lust over a bag or apparel item they have on? I know I do, and you’re lying to yourself if you say you haven’t. The problem is, they usually have the bank account to afford high price tags, like Givenchy, Lanvin, Prada, etc. Well, most of us don’t but we still deserve to have nice things at a reasonable price tag.

That is why I chose a couple of celebrity bag watch photos from our friends over at Handbag Designer 101 and chose a couple Brynn Capella handbags that are the perfect alternative!

First up, we have Taylor Swift. She was spotted in NYC going out to dinner with this bright beauty. However, it’s Elie Saab, and that’s a steep price tag. So instead, swap it out for our Nikki Clutch / Crossbody in the color Ivy League from our new Spring 2016 line. Same gorgeous green hue, but much easier on the wallet.

Next, we have Reese Witherspoon, who somehow always manages to look effortlessly classic and cool even when running errands. Here she’s spotted in LA with a beautiful black satchel bag but one that’s worth $1500! To look just as fabulous but without spending your life savings, swap it for our Angi Satchel in the color Caviar. The luxurious leather will make you feel like you’re a million bucks without having to spend it.


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