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Spring One Of A Kind

Lately I have been on top of our upcoming show, the Spring One Of A Kind. This show is held at the infamous The Mart in Chicago. Brynn Capella has been apart of the One Of A Kind Holiday Show for the past 7 years, but we are excited to be a part of the very first Spring One Of A Kind Show ever (and it’s my first one, ever, too.)

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.52.53 PM

Mark MacKinnon’s Photography

I had never heard of the show before, but after starting to plan for it this last month or so, from updating our artist page to applying for the fashion show and badge registration, I realized how excited I am. It’ll be here before I know it and we’ll have to be completely ready!

Completely ready means booth decorations and signage, planned shifts to be taken by the other assistants here in office, any paperwork or required responses done. Even though it seems simple because Brynn has been doing the show so long, we have to create a new overall booth layout, since we have a new location, there’s no wall paint and new pillar location which affects way more than one would think. I’m hoping the online webinar for us first-timers helps, phew!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.52.30 PM

Katherine Anne Confections

The exhibits range from fashion, accessories, furniture, paintings, ceramics, photography and home goods, just to name a few. There are demonstrations for products and a fashion show for apparel and accessories– yes, there’s even a fashion show! –  we are hoping this year we will have the opportunity to be in the show as Brynn Capella previously has.

I highlighted a few artists I am definitely keeping an eye out for like Mark MacKinnon Photography from New York. His photos are beautiful, calm and all made in his house. For those of you with a sweet tooth, Katherine Anne Confections would be a top booth to visit. She creates sweets from local and organic ingredients and is also based here in Chicago (actually just down the street from our office).


Selen Bayrak’s Urban Pewter

Another artist I came across is Selen Bayrak’s Urban Pewter accessory designs.  They look exquisite in her profile! I can only imagine what they will look like in person, she’s on my to go to list, for sure.

If you are thinking of stopping by, go on! But be on the lookout for free tickets – we will be sending out a link through our newsletter. You can sign up for our newsletter on our website, if you haven’t already. You can also see other artists who will be present here.

Come see our new Spring collection in person and see the ultimate color selection of our signature Lauren bag plus some other event deals. There will be food and drinks available for purchase at the cafe or bar, entertainment, and lots to look at! It’ll be my first time there so I will be sure to browse around and take advantage of the opportunity. I hope you can too!


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