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Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping…

Recently I’ve been learning a lot more about e-commerce at my merchandising internship. I knew I wanted to get a feel for the back-end of things online because I really had no prior knowledge. But let me tell you, it is way more time-consuming than I ever imagined it to be. And difficult. The hard part is keeping track of how each website operates differently and what we want to showcase on each. They all utilize different ways of presenting your items and sometimes different information.

ecommerce-designOn top of just strategy over what’s the best way to present your products, you also have time-consuming stuff like importing data on the products. This is not hard info to gather, but takes quite a bit of time to copy and paste for every single product. I guess like most things I’m not familiar with, I just assume someone is behind the scenes waving a magic wand to make things happen. But alas, as nothing in life is that simple, there is someone behind a computer somewhere making all this magic happen with hard work… and that someone is me in this case.

51kttplp5il-_sx258_bo1204203200_One of the sites we have started working with recently is Handbag Designer 101. They are a really cool website that showcases and sells bags from emerging designers. The great
thing about them, other than the fact that they have the coolest bags around, is that they are really good about helping you get inspiration. They have tabs that showcase a designer of the day, bag trends, street style, as well as, celebrity bag watch. We’re very excited to be working with them and to see where things take us!

This year is also the 10th Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards. They’re held on June 15th in NYC and have grown bigger and better every year. The categories vary from designing a Guess logo bag to a Trina Turk resort and even Mary Kay bag. Best of all, the winners are featured in the coveted September issue of InStyle magazine.

The next frontier for me personally is learning abut photoshop. I’ll most likely be taking a class sometime in the future to really learn all the ins-and-outs of the system. I have watched the other interns and Brynn use it many times but it is far more complex than you might think.


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