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What to Wear: St. Paddy’s Day

A stylish girl’s guide…

I always have an issue with what to wear for St. Patrick’s Day!  For one, the weather is always different and two, I’m now a little older and wiser.  Back in the day when we’d hit the bar at 10am, it was about all day comfort, which meant denim and a green shirt, typically a tee with a cute saying, like “Kiss Me I’m Irish” or “Irish Girls Rock!”

But as the years go by, it’s more about drinking in moderation (still a full day) and of course looking cute and stylish. So with the warm weather we are being blessed with this weekend, it calls for a dress, wedges and a light jacket. There’s just enough green on this one, so not to get pinched (yes, we are all still 10 years old when it comes to this tradition). And it’s stylish enough to wear again and again for years.

I added accessories that highlight the other colors in the dress. Plus, this gorgeous muted yellow clutch is THE perfect accessory for spring too!

So forgo the dirty bar at 10am but definitely celebrate the luck of the Irish, with a green beer or two.

What to Wear: St. Paddy's Day

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