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There Are 6 Seasons?!

One of my tasks in the office this week was to create a calendar of deadlines for samples, deliveries and product in store dates. Easy peasy, right? No.

I began my research and my world was completely shifted. First, there are different fashion calendars for apparel and accessories, and they don’t go buy regular yearly seasons, just to add some confusion. Second, there are more than four seasons in fashion, just to add more confusion to the confusion. So here I am, trying to categorize apparel and accessory fashion calendars with our regular yearly calendar and when we should take what actions when contacting or reaching out to boutiques.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 5.04.25 PM

Fashion seasons are futuristic, literally. Apparel Fall collections are sample ready and in showrooms in February, shipped out in July and on shelves in August. “What?!” Yeah, you read that right. AND there are 6 seasons; Holiday, resort, Spring, Summer, Fall and Fall 2 (winter).

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 5.07.05 PM


Accessories is a little more laid back. Fall and Winter are combined. This seasonal collection is ready in showrooms in March, shipped out in May and on shelves as early as June. Many of these accessory shops are able to buy closer to the season and the process isn’t as lengthy. Accessories seasons are Holiday, Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter.

2016-fashion-printable-calendar-il-570xn.877567813-1nh0So imagine doing this, for all the fashion seasons, combining them into one standard yearly calendar and adding tasks that should be completed each month. Fashion is no joke, but I still can’t get enough!

Keep an eye out for Fall fashion coming soon- Vogue offers a nice sneak peak. If you’d like to look into the fashion calendar yourself check it out!


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