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What to Wear: Inside & Out

Light layers are the key to success

In Chicago, we are still pulling out our puffy coats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a colorful dress out to the bar, dinner party or dancing. Plus in the winter, it’s always hotter inside than outside. Dresses tend to sit in my closet waiting for spring, but it’s time to stopping relying on my go-to denim and flow-y top combo!

So I suggest you start with a gorgeous color that makes your skin look radiant (we all know how winter can dull the skin!) and add neutral accessories. This way you won’t feel like a season pusher LOL. I loved the leather on our Sahara Mini-Pamela because I can never find a bag in that color (it’s my black).

A charcoal (not pure black) bag can also work with an orange dress, but adding the taupe accessories (light sweater and lace up boots) definitely help it from looking like Halloween.

Just don’t be afraid, even when it’s below 30 degrees and snowing.

What to Wear: Inside & Out

The North Face coat

Taupe  leather handbag

Milk Handmade

Milk Handmade

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