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Handbags With A Cause

Most people probably do not think of handbags and charity events as related topics, but they are! You wouldn’t believe the number of requests for donations we receive from all over the country: from well known charities such as United Way, American Heart Association, to smaller ones like Northern IL Food Bank and Garfield Park Conservatory. Handbags are incredibly popular auction items. There are even silent auctions with only handbags like ‘Purse for Change,’ ‘The Power of the Purse,’ and ‘Handbags for Hope’.

I have only recently realized just how in demand handbags are in charity events, and I don’t blame organizations for requesting them so often. Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous piece of arm candy?

Below are a few of the more local events we donated to last fall. Check them out!

Batavia Mother’s Club Foundation, October 2015
Purpose: supporting local charities that pursue improvements in education and literacy
Bag: Lauren, Foxxy Mama

Association for Individual Development, November 2015
Purpose: enriching the lives of children and adults with disabilities
Bag: Mini-Pamela, Coconut 

Although we would love to donate to every cause, there are a limited number of bags that we can donate. So in choosing charity events, I must do a little research. Who is hosting? In what state is the event being held? (bonus points if Brynn’s handbags are sold in the area). What is the average age demographic of the attendants? All of this affects whether Brynn Capella will be a good fit for the event and, if it is a good fit, which bag will do best.


We always make time in our schedule just for charity, because giving back is important to Brynn. From the requests to charities that are part of our yearly efforts. Tree House Humane Society is one of those charities that hits close to home. But there are so many organizations doing amazing work for worthwhile causes – it’s amazing that we can contribute. Even though our first love is fashion, it’s always important to give back when we can.


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