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Operation: Famous

This past week in the office, I have been researching a long list of celebrities. Why, you may ask? I’m trying to get Brynn Capella in the hands of some famous ladies.

– Katy Perry, Ali Fedotowsky & Jewel –

I’ve been figuring out what strategy I want to use in order to go about this.

First things first, what type of celebs are we going for, who is our target? After much consideration, Brynn and I settled of middle aged women of any industry (music, film, etc.).

Since our home office is based in Chicago we thought it would be really cool to reach out to actresses of shows based in Chicago. I’ve been looking into Chicago Fire, ER and Chicago PD to name a few. I’ve also added celebs who live in the Chicagoland area to the list.

(Let me tell you, this list is getting pretty long right about now)

-Sophia Bush & Monica Raymund-

Our next step is to narrow down this list to celebs that we are very interested in and create a press release. The purpose of this press release is to reach out and grab the attention of these celebs, publicists and stylists and interest them in Brynn Capella. Here’s the catch, I have to do this in less than one single page! Talk about pressure!

Aside from the research and bringing out my expert persuasion skills from advertising, this whole process is a thrill. While I keep daydreaming about being famous, keep an eye out for Brynn Capella on the rise!

For some more tips and advice, check out Sarah Shaw’s Entreprenette!


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