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The Designer’s Palette

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”.

– Pablo Picasso

Colors considered “in” can change from season to season. Color schemes chosen reflect the character of what’s current in society. Finding color inspiration for a collection is one of the enjoyable elements of designing. Flipping through a few of my favorite fashion magazines, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, it’s always difficult pinpointing what you like best. Sitting on my desk, both fall editions are full of pages I’ve paper clipped to indicate interest in what the page may feature.

Armani-Fall2016I came to a Giorgio Armani page featuring a beautiful pastel multicolored gown. I absolutely loved how the colors flowed with one another, so different but coordinating very well creating a harmonious color palette. Bringing my ideas to Brynn, we were pleased to see that we were on the same page into what direction we would like to see the upcoming fall collection go into.

Choosing colors is one thing, but making sure colors coincide with budget margins is an entirely new feat for me. My background is more in design. I’m familiar with the business side of things, however, designers commonly forget that the two really go hand n’ hand.

After choosing colors and leather swatches we felt best mirrored our vision, we had to make sure those swatches chosen were in stock, as well as, balance out their pricing to insure that we wouldn’t go over budget.

I was sorry to hear Friday morning that the meadow green we originally chose for our line up was out of stock so we had to go with our plan B. Don’t get me wrong, the frosted green we decided to go with instead is still a beautiful distressed olive color, but the designer’s heart can be stubborn. Nevertheless, things managed to work out well and we’re overall very pleased with the outcome.


It’s interesting to compare Brynn’s design process to mine with my design school background in fashion apparel. Her collection development operates differently compared to my own, most likely because accessories can be different than apparel. For me the theme behind a collection comes at the same time as the inspiration, design elements of the collection begin to emerge, and finally the color and fabric swatches are sourced; referring back to the initial inspiration.

We’re still brainstorming ideas as to what we would like the theme to be. Brynn’s themes are inspired by her color selections; so this procedure is a bit of a turn around for me. However, that’s the beauty of the design world; no one way is correct. It’s an alluring universe that uses the ambiance of your surroundings to inspire and guide you on this incredible journey.


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