Handbags / Interns / Photoshoot

Fashion Photography 101

I love photography and have wanted to practice taking photos of more than simply my friends and immediate surroundings at school. (How many pictures of trees can one person take?) So when Brynn asked me to take photos for Allie’s blog post last week, I was excited to actually have an actual living subject.


(Added bonus: Found a cute Chocolate Shop right around the block.)

But as Allie and I looked for places to take photos in Logan Square I realized that street photography can be tricky. Brynn’s bags are already gorgeous – how hard could it be? Well, subjects move. This is obviously a given, but knowing something is completely different from experiencing it first hand. Then there was the issue of snow. It was so bright! And it completely threw off my lighting. Also, as childish as this may seem, it is always a little nerve wracking to take photos outdoors, particularly because I was photographing a subject. We definitely had our share of onlookers, and maybe it did look odd -two college aged girls, one in heals and without a coat, the other standing in the middle of the street risking getting hit by a car for the sake of a good frame.

Still, I had a blast taking photos with Allie! Cold weather builds character and photography challenges mean that I’m learning. Plus Allie looked beautiful in all of her Valentine’s day outfits. (click here if you missed them)

Back at the office, the “Galentine’s Day” Instagram post took over the latter part of the evening.

Everything stopped for the sake of getting this shot. Vitamin water was a perfect substitute for alcohol in Brynn’s martini glasses, and the bag choices – a Mini Lauren in ‘Cosmopolitan,’ Heather Oversized Clutch in ‘Bombshell Bronze,’ and  Cher Large Wristlet in ‘On the Rocks’- went perfectly with the Galentine’s theme.

Lighting is everything in photography and the bird’s-eye-view, although an incredibly popular style of photo on Instagram, can be difficult to execute. It was a struggle but we did finally get our shot, thanks to Brynn and her iPhone!



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