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3 Valentine’s Day Outfits

Are you going out this Valentine’s Day but have been staring at your closet for the past 20 minutes with no clue what to wear? Look no further than this blog post for ideas of what to wear when you go out.

What to Wear: Long time boyfriend/husband

If you have been with your boyfriend for a long time or are married, this outfit is perfect! And don’t think that you have to wear red or pink on v-day. This is the classic little black dress but with a twist. The lace sleeves and deep v make the outfit sexier and adds an unexpected twist instead of it being just a simple dress. For this one you can add the color in your accessories or coat like I did here. I love the bright blue of this jacket and it contrasts perfectly with this black dress.

What to Wear: Casual Date

If you’re going out on a more casual date for Valentine’s, I love this outfit. It’s a bright blue dress with a low hemline which creates a cool and different silhouette. I also wanted to pair this with a shorter leather jacket so that it doesn’t hide the ruffles at the bottom of my dress. I also love the fur collar for wintertime because it makes it more cozy and warm. I chose silver rings with blue tones to wear with my outfit but ditched the necklace because of the high neckline of the dress.

What to Wear: Going out with the girls

If you’re like me and many other women, you might just be going out with the girls to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or the day before, now known as Galentine’s Day, a fun, bright dress is perfect for the occasion. Definitely don’t be afraid of color for a night out on the town because you don’t know where the night may take you! I love the texture of this hot pink velvet dress. It also features a criss-cross cut out back that so when you take your coat off inside you will draw attention to this unexpected twist. Short and playful, like this dress, shows you’re ready for a night of dancing. Don’t be afraid, either, to pile on the jewelry with this simple look, unless you want to keep it light and easy to move around.

Valentine’s Day Must: Rock that bright lipstick!

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