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5 Early Spring Fashion Tips

Can Winter be over already?

In the office, we’ve been busy pushing out postcards and with Spring bag production. Some lucky states are already experiencing warm weather, California being one of them. Brynn’s home state is basking in the sun and I’m here wondering why she decided deal with this half year long Chicago winter?!

I’ve been dreaming of shedding my Chicago winter layers! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, we still have to go through the damp, cool Spring to get to the warm sunshine and flowers. We still need some layers, but thankfully, way less bulk.

2:11 Blog Montage BC

 Here are our top 5 tips to keep in mind as we transition to early Spring:

  • Light Jacket

Early Spring is typically wet and cool, as you have heard, “Spring showers bring May flowers”. You can be versatile with this, perhaps a blazer, a cute trench coat, on nice days a vest will be perfect.

  • Scarves

You won’t be needing that knitted chunky scarf anymore but you may want to switch it for something lighter and a little looser. This is an opportunity to wear some floral patterns and brighter colors to celebrate Spring!

  • Bring Out The Sneakers

The cold is fading out and you are starting to feel your toes again, time to put away that pair of boots you lug around to survive winter. Let’s bring out those sneakers, booties and flats! You can sport these shoes with jeans or if it feels like a skirt day perhaps some tights or leggings to protect from the mild chill.

  • Handbag Use Made Easy

Wearing a bulky jacket and all your layers adds to the hassle of carrying your tote bag or purse. We’ve all experienced it; your bag tends to slip of your shoulder, your elbow feels like it’s almost to your shoulder. This is the time to be able to fashion your bags and bring out small cross body bags and carry shoulder bags with ease!

  • Don’t Just Lighten Up, Brighten Up!

Spring is a time to bring out fun prints and spring colors ranging from vibrant schemes to pastel palettes! Have fun and play around with these elements to accent other parts of your outfit such as your bag, jewelry, or shoes.

For more Spring inspiration check out Refinery 29‘s no brainer guide.


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