Gifts / Holiday

The (Uncommon) Perfect Gift…for the man in your life

Whether it be your significant other, dad, or brother; when it comes to this holiday season,Β keep it simple. Instead of being stumped on what to get him, go for what you know.

Get him involved in his favorite hobby, sport, movie, etc.

This could simply mean a gift card to his favorite hobby store, or giving him the sports jersey he’s been eyeing, or even buying a slew of classic arcade games from his childhood.


If you’re brave enough, purchase two tickets to a sporting event/themed convention i.e. Comic-Con, A-kon, The Official Star Trek Convention. It may not be all that interesting to you at first, but he’ll see the effort in your ways. He’ll get to partake in something he loves, with someone he loves, and the experience will bring you guys closer together.

You may not want to admit it, but I know you’re thinking it, “What’s in it for me?”

He’ll be that much more inclined to get what’s at the top of your wishlist, a Brynn Capella handbag.


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