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5 Signs You Might Need A New Handbag

We all know, and sometimes ignore, those obvious signs of handbag wear.

Girls, you know who you are!


Does your bag: have a broken or ripped handle?

Does your bag: have stains you can’t remember what they are or where they came from?

Do you: have to jimmy the zipper ever-so-slightly like morse code just to get your lip balm?

Have you: finally found that piece of Halloween candy from 2 years ago?

Is that last thread keeping the strap connected holding on for dear life?

Time for a new handbag.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s OK to get rid of that old bag and bring in the new. I don’t know about you but the feeling of showing off that new handbag that makes all your friends jealous, is like none other. On my Wish List? Valentino Black & Ivory Shoulder Bag, Furla Stacy Onyx Leather Bucket Bag & Brynn Capella‘s Raspberry Croc Nikki.

…But if you absolutely need to hold on to that bag for another year, here’s a way to help your fixer-upper.

What bags are on your list?

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