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What to Wear: Loving Your Layers

Layering: the perfect way to keep up with whatever mother nature has in store for your day

I don’t know about you guys, but this weather has had me SO conflicted, one day I’m noticeably wearing too much and the next I’m wishing I had on my outfit from the day before. I find myself walking to work in my jacket and leaving with it folded over my arm. It’s been a confusing fall to say the least!

In an attempt to keep up with the weather, I’ve been doing tons of layering. I feel like it’s best to just go with layers so that I have the option to sub out different pieces of my outfit as the day goes on. So if I’m a little hot in the office I’ll take off my sweater but leave on my scarf, or vice versa.

I first usually grab a cute T as my base layer, that way I have something to keep my core warm. Then I’ll throw on a loose sweater and top that with a jacket. I always accessorize with a scarf or beanie (and in most cases, both) and make sure to carry a handbag big enough to store both of these items in the likely case that it switches back to feeling like summer by the afternoon.

I’ve found that layering is perfect for keeping your outfit balanced throughout your day

Layered Fashion

T shirt

Long sleeve top
$23 –

Black coat

Charlotte Russe wrap shawl


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